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Om Nama Brahma Devaia Namaha
One of the largest Lord brahma (7 feet height 4 faces) Chaturmukha statue in the world Constructed by the founder Sri.V.H.Ramesh Dixit in the below address as enlightened by Lord Brahma himself in the Dream. The Devotees are welcome to have darshan of God Lord Brahma and take blessing of God Lord Brahma sitting on a Lotus Flower. And also Temple constructed on Lotus Floor.
PADMAPURANA :Lord brahm a a desired to do Yagna on earth with sapthahrushi rishi pulastiya told to brahma call his wife savithri at the place of yagna. The brahma told to Narada to bring savithri on the yagna spot then narada went to savithri's place and asked her present yagna place . she told i will come along with my friends but in time she has come to yagna place lord brahma thought that since savithri will be coming alongwith her lady friends and whe will be late the certain of yagna will slip out. So he asked god indira to arrange for an other women to sit besides lord brahma in the yagna so that yagna could start at the right certain.God indra went to to search for some women. he went to jungle and saw a girl carrying a pot of curd on her head. he brought her to the place of yagna and at the advice of other gods. purified her by passing her through cows body then after getting her bath and outing ornaments, pronounced her as Gayathri. Then brahma started the yagna well in time. Mean time Savithri reached at the yagna place along with her other friends and saw other women besides lord brahma. At this savithri was very upset annoyed and went on crusing all involved in the yagna.Turned to lord brahma she crused him you have become old you  lost thinking faculty. Now I curse you no worshipped and mother savithri cursed indra that you will not win any battle ,
then cursed vishnu saying that you have hurt my heart so you will take birth as human and rawan will kidnap your wife and you will suffer separation of your wife. Turning to lord shiva crused him that him you will take burnt remains of the dead body(bahsma) and that ghosts will be your companions. she cursed bramhans you will always remain poor. the cow which helped purification of gayathri was cursed. After all this happened lord brahma tried to pacify mother savithri and said that you come from noble family hence please help me to complete the ya Then turning to gna but mother savithri was furious that her face  was turned red black with anger. Then lord brahma turnned to brahmins told them to start the yagna but brahmins requested lord brahma to first get them rid of the curse given by mother savithri. At this mother Gayathri told them that your curse would be nullified after worshipping gayathri. the she told cow that you will be worshipped every where.  And the mother Gayathri was removed all others cursed by savithri because the mother gayathri was married to brahma she have power to remove the curse. then mother gayathri told to brahma  that will worshipped all yagna's present brahma without brahma no yagna will be complete..